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The Story so far....

Another Hard Day at the Office came about after we were fortunate enough to spend more than just a couple of weeks away in the Mountains.

The actual concept of "The Office" was based on my good friend, Per As, a Mountain Guide I have known for many years in La Grave France, whose office is the magnificent La Meije..

I would get the occasional email or telephone call and he would ask how things were and I'd reply "oh stuck in the office etc" and then he'd say that his office "was pretty good today, 45cms of fresh powder and blue sky".

And as we exchanged our London commuting lifestyle so we've been able to take advantage of working from home and living on the beach. Now when I speak to Per and he asks how things are I can reply "Pretty good day in the office, stacked on a 4.5 and good little waves".

But, sometimes, we like Per's office, too. We have been skiing/snowboarding for more years than we have had "cheap" hot dinners in a ski resort  - and have, in recent years, felt we could spend time in the mountains as our children, "girls" are now 23 years old - and stilll work thanks to the Internet and the bars/cafes in Serre Chevalier that supply semi-decent connections.

So, this year, we have set up an alternative office of our own, not far from Per's. We have bought a two bedroom apartment in Villeneuve, Serre Chevalier, where we can work - oh, yes and rest and definitely play in the winter. And summer, too, as many of the classic cycling Cols such as Galibier, Izoard and Alpe D'Huez are close by, and the Med is just three hours away!

Serre Chevalier April 2013

Things have moved on a little !

We now have bought an apartment here, in fact in the same building where we've been coming these past four or five years!

And the Serre Chevalier blog continues

Click here to go to 2013's blog

Now as another year gets underway I've amalgamated the very popular WeatherCam site along with the this years (2013) Mountain Blog into one lifestyle site.

We hope you like it.

Gavin & Elaine

  • The Weather....

  • The Mountains....

  • Whatever....

Back in the early days of 14.4 modems I set up Weatherheads.com - that was the first WeatherCam site in the UK - and I like to think I came up with the phrase WeatherCam.

Over the years the site has become hugely popular with wind and kite surfers across the South of England who want to see what is actually happening on the coast vs the forecast.

With actual live weather data from the beach here at Worthing along with a streaming cam, forecasts and the daily blog, the site is a firm favourite for many.

When not out "playing" I manage our substantial* property portfolio as well as designing Websites.

As for Elaine you can see what she gets up to here; I have also been known to be Chief Logistics Officer** for her on various shoots for Hello Magazine.


**van driver