10:30 Saturday - I'm planning on 15:00..........

I'm out on the bike now for a few hours, and hope to be cycling back from Chichester way with the breeze behind me!

Forecast is for cloud to build and becoming more overcast (which has happened). The wind does keep trying to back WSW and this is all very similar to last Thursday when the wind was veering back and forth and eventually a constant WSW'ly kicked in around 15:00 - so I've ordered the wind today for then Cool

To get a better idea of what it's actually blowing out on the water, take a look at the stats and go by the highest gust in any five minute period.

Sat High Tide 09:45 (5.0) Low 15:47

Lancing This Weekend

It's the all new British Kitesurfing Championship. Organised by IKSURFMAG and KITEWORLD in colaboration with the British Kite Sports Association. It isn't just about the pro riders though, there are classes of competition for everyone, so get involved and have a go at beating your mates!

And if just coming down to kite and you are not competing then please stay well clear of the competition area which will be clearly marked.

It's hoped that much of the kitesurfing industry will attend, so alongside the competition scene there will be a huge amount of demo kit and see all the latest gear and meet some of the riders.

There's also a big party and social night on the Saturday, tickets for the evening event are included in the price of a competition ticket, but for friends and family that just want to come for the evening's entertainment then there is a party ticket available. You get food at the party included in the cost of the ticket.

Enter or buy tickets for the evening BBQ at http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/british-kitesurfing-champions…

Photos from Eunice of yesterday 28th May great afternoon on the water.
(You do need a FaceBook Acc to view them)

Why a Man loves his Van
An amusing take on why we men love our vans.

ended up a classic afternoon with storms inland whilst here we had bright conditions, admittedly after a couple of blips which saw wind speeds of 45mph when a bank of dense showers tracked through and then later in the afternoon just after I went out and had a kitemare out to sea grossly over powered on an eight on the "Nugget" (not the best of board choices for the conditions). So came in waited, and then took the Twin-Tip out and had the most pleasant of sessions in superb sunshine and no clouds. And only a handful of us out and a few Poles as Eunice's photos show.

More from Eunice's day on the beach here.

And the wind held for the afternoon shift and reports back in of well powered up sessions before yet another dramatic switch off as a rogue cloud came over. 

Stav of BN1 Kitesurfing has done a good piece on what to look out for on days such as yesterday.

Sunday was good and Eunice was down at Lancing and managed to take some good shots even though it was very low tide.

More pics from the Lancing Afternoon session by Eunice here.

Friday there was a superb swell running with conditions as good as I've see for SUP up this way - lovely lines were coming in up at the Cafe and down at the likes of the Witterings it was shoulder high.

Nice afternoon on Tuesday though and Eunice was at the beach later to catch the after work posse, that's posse and not poseurs Cool

More pics from Eunice yesterday here



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