This Sat Tour de France comes past us !!

Stage 14 Grenobe to Risoul - will be coming past our front door along the valley circa 13:45 (UK time) - we're at La Salles les Alpes.

Think I'm going to watch the stage on TV after riding on the closed roads in the morning, then leg it down to watch the caravan go past followed by the riders then back to watch the rest on TV. Will be a bit of a blur as they zoom past us at nigh on 45mph.

Temps here almost as warm as back in the UK, been hitting 30's here

Whilst you're waiting for the wind I've updated the "blog" so you can see what we've been getting up to, should you so wish.

Our MountainCam is back online and late afternoon we often have some spectacular storm clouds.


Those patches of weed on the Greensward by the road where there were once bushes......
The council have actually planted poppies there in commemoration of World War One, so try not to walk over them now you know they are not just weeds. In front of WeatherCam HQ we have two much larger areas and it was only after quite a few phone calls to the Council that I found out what they were as no one had told the residents and the leader of the Council did not know either at the time?

Ads Section back up and running !
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Could well be busy on the water at times from now on with many coming out of hibernation, and with the strong winds & sea condition it's imperative to be sure that you can handle the conditions (famous last words I know), and once out on the water be aware of who is around you and how close you are to them and look before making that transition. And when on dry land keep an eye out for people who might need assistance in landing / launching, and have a great weekend!

We're fortunate to often have Eunice on hand to get some great shots of the action, click here

Has been a great four months and have done some great stuff, looking forward to being back on the water, though will be back here in June and July when the Tour de France goes past our place on the 19th July

Have just put some more kites and bars up in the  Ads section here.

I've changed position of the Streaming Cam so you can feel you're by the sea!

Lewis just sent me this photo of him training in South Africa. Photographer was Kaj Harrison, who is also from Worthing !

Current Weather

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Current Weather at : 9:24
Wind N at 11.0 mph
10 min average wind speed: 8.0
Highest Gust: 21.0 at 2:29
Wind Chill: 22.5 °C
Pressure: 1015.2 Steady
22.8 °C
Sunrise: 5:16
Sunset: 20:56

And a little tip to make the most of interpreting the weather data, especially in a WSW'ly look at the stats and go by the highest gust and that is what is out on the water.

Detail on Tides for Worthing

Weather Data Copyright:

Ads Section back up and running !
good selection of windsurfing and kitesurfing gear for the new season!
See the Secondhand kitesurfing & windsurfing ads section

Lewis has uploaded another good training article, see link below.

Lewis Crathern Coaching News & Blog PageJune 5, 2014 at 11:27:15 AM

Negotiating The Seas....With winter conditions firmly in place, here is my top tip to minimise the time you spend under the water this year. Bending your legs whilst going over the waves is often overlooked. See your legs as suspension at all times.More