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Was back in Worthing mid week after returning back from Colorado and was almost tempted to go out as conditions looked great on the water from the the comfort of Sea Lane Cafe!

However was only a very very brief stay and we're now back out in Serre.

Colorado, both Winter Park and Steamboat were pretty amazing and we did score the magic Champage Powder that Steamboat have actually Trade Marked, though it's not as good as JapPow.

The way they do things out there is quite different to France as the two vids show.


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And after the Ski Season finishes we're off on a road trip down to Spain staying in good old Tarifa for a month!

After some superb kiting / windsurfing and body bashing sessions you might want to let your body recover. Sports & Body Massage Therapist Siggy Baylis, my daughter, is doing special kite and windsurf massages, at her treatment room in Ebenezer Chapel, Portland Road, Worthing. Check out her website: and call her on 07854 332667 for an appointment.





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