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Sat 10:30 "the law of sod is invoked"

Will be a classic day me thinks, already looking good.

I'll have a major case of FOMO* as I have to go up to Kent for my mother's birthday (94) so I doubt if I'll even make the late shift, though possible Lancing late avro as we're on neap tides maybe?

*Fear of Missing Out

High Tide Sat 06:50 (4.6) Low 12.47 & 19:29

MTB Mountain Bike Guide and E-Bike Routes

Have just put this guide together for mountain bike rides where we live, and you'll see how good it is here!

2017 Tour de France and the Etape du Tour
Next Summer sees not only the Tour De France but the Etape du Tour as well visiting where we live in Serre Chevalier and Briançon.

The Etape du Tour kicks off proceedings on the Sunday July 16th, and the route is that of the Tour De France Stage 18 on Thursday July 20th, starting in Briançon and finishing atop the Col D'Izoard after already climbing the Col de Vars from the Barcelonnette side.

I've put together a guide if thinking about coming out to see the TDF or cycle the Etape - click here

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