09:00 Wed - weather data back up!

Yesterday the old PC that's been running the weather system for well over eight to ten years finally crashed, so have managed to fudge an old laptop, though currently the Stats ARE NOT upoading.

Next wind possibly Friday?

Wednesday high tide 10:12 is a big one 6.6 

Saturday Lewis goes huge in Kent in winds gusting 50mph near Sandwich with a new English record of 19.8m

he wetah

Good news is that loads of snow forecast this weekend for the Alps though Northern Alps getting the best.

Wednesday, crazy tide on the push session with wind's gusting mid 40's just after we hit the water with the highest gust 47mph just about sums it up, might have been as that squall tracked through!

Plus you know it's bonkers windy when Marlow comes back in!

I was stacked on my six as you can see from the manic spell of wind around Noon - see stats, What did I say about a "mellow" session?

Walking the dogs up to the Cafe recently saw you know who in her office.

More pics on Eunice's FaceBook page but you will need to be logged into FB to view

Thoughts now start turning to the coming season in the mountains, should be going out around December 15th and then not back till end of April. Hoping to do more snow kiting this year if conditions are good.

45 killed last season by avalanches in France, and many were very experienced. Can you imagine what would happen if just 25% of that number were killed kiting?

Unfortunately a fair % were killed in the region where we live and ski touring (randonnée ski)!

Breakdown of all the figures by region and by what discipline here.

Cycled over to Hayling for the Armada and saw the new RRD Bar and unlike previous so called new bars each year, this one is a total re design as you can see with 100% depower. Should be landing in the UK end of November just in time as I go back to the mountains!






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Current Weather at : 5:01
Wind NW at 4.0 mph
5 min average top wind speed: 5.0
10 min average top wind speed: 5.0
Highest Gust past 24hrs: 6.0 at 1:39
Wind Chill: 8.0 °C
Pressure: 1017.2 Steady
8.4 °C
Sunrise: 7:32
Sunset: 16:03

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