Wed - back to the Mountains........

I'll try not to take the wind back with me though :)

Will be away till August 10th or there abouts........

Be safe !

Congrats to the all that achieved the world record down at the KiteSurf Armada at Hayling yesterday. Previous record was set in South Africa at 415 in Jan and it was a close run thing with 423 riders passing the mile mark.

Tuesday Board found at Shoreham (and still not claimed) might have come down from Lancing - it's Green with a black stripe, if it yours call Simon on 07850 788197.

Earlier this week managed three days in a row, which has seen me ditch the floaty surfboard and take to a more classic shaped wave board even though nigh on six years old, and kicking myself did not do it sooner as actually feels easier than the Nugget, especially in rougher seas!

Been talking about pros and cons of strapped / strapless and as an ex windsurfer who played around in the waves I'm sort of used to straps, but have been riding more and more with back foot out and have been thinking of going strapless, then someone said "Robby Nash" rides straps, so if he's happy then why should I worry........

Love this classic South Coast photo from Howard Kearley‎ from Tuesday

So what's been happening this past month or so?

Steve Sinnhuber who many will know is now up and running with his RRD Kite School, more here at

Progression Sports have released a Self Rescue Video Set (FREE) to promote better safety, and take it from me as one who had some infamous "KiteMares" starting out, as I was never taught self rescue and pack down drills - more detail here.

And Seasprite Sports have a great new brand: Silver-Surf which comprises some very cool (according to my daughters) jewellery. Silver-Surf only uses 925 Sterling Silver, marine grade cord and Swarovski Elements to create some very sweet items of surf / mountain themed jewellery.

And you can get 20% off any piece by entering the discount code AnotherHardDay at

Video below shows what it's like going past the pier!


June Massage Deals For Kite and Windsurfers !

For the month of May, Siggy (my daughter) is offering a sports or full body massage, especially for kite and windsurfers at £30 for an hour's session.  At the Spine and Nerve Centre, top of Aldsworth Avenue.

All Siggy's contact details are here and just mention Another Hard Day when you call her!


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