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Friday 13:45 in the last 45 or so mins wind's backed SW'ly from WNW'ly so looking good for the afternoon, stats as ever tell the story of the day.

Here in Serre Chevalier we've had some tremendous powerful storms resulting in numerous flash-floods and landslides.

This was a few days ago and that's over 2m high across the road. It's a known danger spot for avalanches and landslides and there's an old tunnel that can be used when the road is blocked, as many years ago it would take a lot longer to clear the road.

Rif Blanc landslide

Then afterwards stopped off in La Grave watching the Harley's go to and from the big bike festival. But four hours later it was storm central and loads of rain, which Harley's don't like :)

Harley La Grave

Tarifa was great and we'll definitely being doing a repeat trip next year, more about the Tarifa Trip here.



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