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Not too sure I have the motivation 

Sunday 20th August 14:15 Still a handful of kites out, and wind's hovering around the 17 mark but is now quite overcast and can see shower activity out to sea and rain radar showing advancing rain coming into the Solent now, all pretty well as forecast.

See the forecast now has the windiest period 15:00 - 16:00 at 20's though by then tide will be well on the way out. And next week think will have to take one day at a time.

Earlier on cycled over to Bracks and the Witterings, left early this morning in nigh on zero wind and had a good breeze behind me for the return leg.

Sunday Tides High Tide 10:53 (6.0) Low 17:02

And Foliers be aware, with the recent strong winds, there are now some substantial clumps of string weed floating around, especially down towards Lancing.

Yesterday - circa 17:30 in the end opted for the pole over the kite (as thought what had occurred during the day & forecast for wind to ease would be more sensible option) and had a really good powered up hour on 4.7.

Was always conscious wind would drop / veer as per forecast and as I neared the cafe so it started to ease, so thought best to head back and by the time I'd packed up wind was in single figs.

I've actually put all the photos and "blog" of the day here on a page which I presume I should call Skunked?

Friday's down winder some nice knitting patterns Cool


And please be aware of conditions

Lesson really is quite simple, when you see something like this approaching then get back on-land, for sure the wind does not always go and you may well be lucky, but more often than not, wind will drop and go offshore.

Eunice, posted this classic picture of the band of rain/cloud over Goring few weeks back


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