For the not so tech savvy to see the latest weather data on a mobile phone / tablet you have to scroll down!

Wednesday 19th Outlook not looking too good.

I'm back out to France, taking the kite gear as will be spending a few days down in the Camrague. Then Mont Ventoux on the way back to "home" in Serre Chevalier.

Thinking of a new jacket for the mountains this winter ?

Ski wear brands have become ski wear blands as this season sees the same old, same old. So what IS new for Winter 16/17?
Have some major ski brands dug themselves into a snow hole unable to escape with stand out styling? STYLE ALTITUDE Editor, Elaine Deed, looks at what is REALLY new, this winter, more here

Site Upgrade
I've taken the opportunity whilst moving Hosting Co's for a total revamp and to make the site mobile friendly, although you have to scroll down to see the weather data, and if it's looking a little weird on your desktop could be your zoom settings - Ctrl Key and + / -

Now the site should now (like it used to) automatically refresh with out having to do a manual refresh!

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End of an Era WeatherCam HQ For Sale !!

Anyone fancy buying a Weather Station that comes with a house Cool

More detail here