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Looks like I've been missing some good conditions!

The Fairies WhatsApp has been pretty busy all week with reports of good powered up conditions and looks like more of the same for this Sunday after what looks like a wet Saturday afternoon.

High Tide Sunday 17:19 (5.3) Low 10:53 ust been looking at the forecast and looks like some windy weather along with a fair amount of wet weather coming your way!

Out here in Serre Chevalier valley returning to normal after the Tour De France was here for three day and the Etape du Tour. That said still very busy as we're in major Summer High Season now and there's just so much going on!

As you can see bumped into Mr Boardman just as he finished his ITV4 broadcast :)

Much more on the blog as to what we've been getting up to!

Special Offer with the right mobile number this time

Fecked up have had the wrong mobile number for the past couple of months for my daughter!

She is now back practising in Goring as a FHT Qualified Sports and Body Massage Therapist, and is offering a Special Offer for all kiters and windsurfers - £30 for an hour's Sports Massage and £25 for an hour's Body Massage. Call Siggy on 07854 332 667 and mention Another Hard Day At The Office.

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