Long no time with no updates....

Don't think I've ever gone so long with not updating this site, even when I'm out in the Mountains!

So today (Sat 20th) did hear last night of talk about wind middle of next week, but looks like we'll be clutching at straws.

Few mates are out in El Gouna and I came very close to going out to join them, but the prices went up, so I decided to invest in a new bike!

Bike is cross between an MTB / Cyclo Cross and road bike - Giant Revolt, for instance can take 50mm tyres. Yesterday did South Downs way from Worthing and then came back along the road (120km). Conditions were very challenging first thing after the rain with very slippery chalk to contend with.

Know a lot of people have been putting a lot of time in on SUPs and seems now to be warmer than in the summer!

So as ever updates as and when we might get some wind, and will keep a close eye on what's happening!




Some more action from nigh on a month ago now !

I've moved the cam and later you'll be able to see kites & sails going back and forth, just to make you feel better if stuck in the office :)

Eunice has uploaded her photos of Bertha at Goring - as ever some nice shots showing the Cafe going off.

Just a note (again) to those maybe "new" to looking at the weather, it is best to always go by the stats/weather archive and look at the highest gust in any five minute period. For me 20's is solid 12m (kite) and circa 6.5 - 7.0m (windsurf) weather, though I do have my suspicions that maybe I'm under reading by a couple of mph so will be going up the ladder to examine my nuts when it's calm.

Eunice has been snapping furiously recently and has caught some great moments.

This was Sunday click link to view images, you will need a FaceBook account to view

More photos from Eunice back in July off the Cafe where it was slightly manic with everyone (me included) guilty of wanting to be photographed and amazingly no collisions :)


Could well be busy on the water at times from now on with many coming out of hibernation, and with the strong winds & sea condition it's imperative to be sure that you can handle the conditions (famous last words I know), and once out on the water be aware of who is around you and how close you are to them and look before making that transition. And when on dry land keep an eye out for people who might need assistance in landing / launching, and have a great weekend!

We're fortunate to often have Eunice on hand to get some great shots of the action, click here

Has been a great four months and have done some great stuff, looking forward to being back on the water, though will be back here in June and July when the Tour de France goes past our place on the 19th July

Have just put some more kites and bars up in the  Ads section here.

I've changed position of the Streaming Cam so you can feel you're by the sea!

Lewis just sent me this photo of him training in South Africa. Photographer was Kaj Harrison, who is also from Worthing !


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8.3 °C
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Lewis has uploaded another good training article, see link below.

Lewis Crathern Coaching News & Blog PageJune 5, 2014 at 11:27:15 AM

Negotiating The Seas....With winter conditions firmly in place, here is my top tip to minimise the time you spend under the water this year. Bending your legs whilst going over the waves is often overlooked. See your legs as suspension at all times.More