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Sat 15:20 - all going off at the Cafe

Hear there's a great show going on with Messrs Cathern and Hadlow to name but a few, doing huge air/hang time.

Earlier I was first out on the water this morning after the crazy 09:00 squall that came through hitting 55mph hoping to get out before the next one came through. I went out on the TwinTip for the first time in well over a couple of years on the Six which I used yesterday when it was no where near as windy, could say that Six has a wide range!

And credit to Jessie Tucker who turned up and at only 18 she out jumped most of the guys and was on a bigger kite 7m and jumped 17m her best ever!

Then Lewis launched on an Eight and as you can see needed some help!

See stats which tell the story of the day!

Have a good one, what ever your mode of transport :)

Good session Friday afternoon in some great little waves.

Saturday Tides

Tide UK local time Height (m)
High 00:44 6.2
Low 06:46 0.7
High 13:01 6.3
Low 19:03 0.7


15:30 Monday 16th Oct Armageddon !
Sky is amazing, did hear earlier on the radio that the sky would be dramatic as the huge S'ly air flow is bringing ash up from the Portuguese forest fires and Saharan dust hence the orange glow!

Dogs behaving weirdly :)

Sports and Body Massage Special Offer

Daughter is now back practising in Goring as a FHT Qualified Sports and Body Massage Therapist, and is offering a Special Offer for all kiters and windsurfers - £30 for an hour's Sports Massage and £25 for an hour's Body Massage. Call Siggy on 07854 332 667 and mention Another Hard Day At The Office.


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