Sunday 16:45 second session beckons

Wind's gusting mid to high 20's still. Tide on the push session launching from here, with Jai and the Mrs on Poles.

Been overcast, though warmish with on/off drizzle / rain most of the day with the occasional glimpse of sunshine.

Was not too much in the way of a wave but should be some wind blown swell later producing some ankle biters

High Tide Sunday 21:06 (5.4) Low 14:54

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End of an Era WeatherCam HQ House For Sale !!

Oh well anyone fancy buying a Weather Station that comes with a house Cool

More detail here

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Have been having discussions with hosting Co re weather data not refreshing and seems to be a conspiracy of things, and main thing is that many browsers cache the last copy of the page - so the only way to be sure is to manually refresh the page!

That said I've now inserted some code into the page and it will auto refresh every 60secs if you leave the page open.

August Massage Deals For Kite and Windsurfers !

For the month of August, Siggy (my daughter) is offering a Sports Massage or full body Swedish massage, especially for kiters and windsurfers at £30 introductory offer for an hour's session.  At the Spine and Nerve Centre, top of Aldsworth Avenue.

All Siggy's contact details are here and just mention Another Hard Day when you call her!

And Seasprite Sports have a great new brand: Silver-Surf which comprises some very cool (according to my daughters) jewellery. Silver-Surf only uses 925 Sterling Silver, marine grade cord and Swarovski Elements to create some very sweet items of surf / mountain themed jewellery.

And you can get 20% off any piece by entering the discount code AnotherHardDay at

Video below shows what it's like going past the pier!



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19.4 °C
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