All things E'ly for Easter

Doesn't look to good wind wise for this Easter weekend, though I suspect some uber keen kiters might go St Mary's way to try and make the most of the NE'lys that are forecast.

Summer coming to an end

Has been a bonkers six weeks or so, with skiing in the morning and then basking on the patio in temps of 25+ in the sun. However forecast is for wet weather from Sunday onwards which is always depressing, though might be snow at altitude.

Did one big cycle ride over to Sestriere this week nigh on 4.5hrs and over 2,000m of climbing, and been ski touring pretty well every day, some small ones, just going off the back of the resort into a valley and then skinning back up for half an hour or so to a chair, and then some classic routes well away from the resort, true back country, this was yesterday when we came across a group of young Scanids on their first tour finding the conditions a little warm :)

And Monday was another big ski tour with the dogs - more here


This time next week we'll be on our way back, though plans already being made for the summer as we have a stage of the Tour in front of us on the 19th July!

Have put some RRD Kites (almost new 2014) plus V6 bar and lines in the Ads section here.

I've changed position of the Streaming Cam so you can feel you're by the sea!

Lewis just sent me this photo of him training in South Africa. Photographer was Kaj Harrison, who is also from Worthing !

Current Weather

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Current Weather at : 17:29
Wind NNE at 5.0 mph
10 min average wind speed: 7.0
Highest Gust: 21.0 at 6:17
Wind Chill: 14.3 °C
Pressure: 1018.8 Steady
14.9 °C
Sunrise: 6:00
Sunset: 19:59

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And a little tip to make the most of interpreting the weather data, especially in a WSW'ly look at the stats and go by the highest gust and that is what is out on the water.

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Ads Section back up and running !
Have been doing some housekeeping for the new season (clearing  off all the old ads), and ready for new ads!
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Lewis has uploaded another good training article, see link below.

Lewis Crathern Coaching News & Blog PageDecember 11, 2013 at 12:36:37 PM

Negotiating The Seas....With winter conditions firmly in place, here is my top tip to minimise the time you spend under the water this year. Bending your legs whilst going over the waves is often overlooked. See your legs as suspension at all times.More