Monday - bit of a breeze around this week.....

And warm at times from the looks of things. Wind will be Ely mid week but maybe with the warm sunshine worth going out even if it is the Devils tack.

I'm back out to the mountains where forecast is for 36 degrees!

And here's a good link to refresh oneself about rights of way and all round safety on the water!

Saturdayday was pretty damn glorious out on the water, though Grockle factor very high made finding a parking space difficult. We launched from Pro and kited down to WeatherCam HQ where a few mates were out on their Poles and we all had a very social session in almost "warm" water, creating another nice crochet pattern Cool

The more observant of you would have noticed new weather data fields, these are the highest gusts in any one period and are a much truer reflection as to what is happening out on the water.

A week ago last Saturday late in the afternoon (lwhilst out saw a windsurfer sailing upwind along the coast on a big cruising long board with a "pack" on the bag, twas Jono Dunnett who is attempting to sail round the UK unaided on a 9.5m sail ! Check out his FaceBook Page Windsurf Round Britain

Youy can check out how he is doing / where he is via the Live Tracker - and whilst you're on the site please donate to the worthwhile charity(s).

And how about this for a bit of kit !

Quite a few variations on kiting disciplines out on the water now, TwinTip, TwinTip wake boots, strapped / strapless surfboard, foil etc etc

Meanwhile Poles were having fun..................

More pics from Eunice here

(You do need a FaceBook Acc to view them)




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Current Weather at : 21:16
Wind NNE at 6.0 mph
5 min average top wind speed: 16.0
10 min average top wind speed: 17.0
Highest Gust past 24hrs: 22.0 at 19:07
Wind Chill: 21.4 °C
Pressure: 1016.2 Falling Slowly
22.2 °C
Sunrise: 4:54
Sunset: 21:15

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