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We left Serre Chevalier Tuesday 14th May after one final ski tour the day before.

First leg of the road trip was two days in Leucate, though as ever wind did not show up.

Does ooze loads of potential though, however just about everywhere was closed as their season does not really start till the beginning of June and the French don't like to work too hard.

What was amazing were some of the windsurf shops, with many boards stacked up outside, really like the old days!


On the return leg if the road trip we'll stay there again as the kiting potential is massive, with a huge lagoon on one side and open sea on the other.

On the way down to Tarifa we stopped off in Valencia and Antequera.

Tarifa I'm glad to report has hardly changed, the nigh on 9km of coastline from the town to the Dunes is still pretty well the way it was the first time we stayed in the Huricane Hotel some 35 years ago.

The town itself has expanded a little but is still compact, there is now a very cool crowd, and not just all surf bums etc

There are so many shops, cafes and bars and it's obvious there are many non Spanish who have made it their home, in some ways quite similar to a ski station, though the difference being that they live here all year.

However the biggest change is.....
There's hardly any evidence of windsurfing!
When we were last here kiting did not exist and all the shops were windsurf orientated, I've hardly seen any shops with windsurf gear though sure they must exist.

I've been out on the water twice, and being a Sunday it was very busy with many Spanish having made the trip to Tarifa for the day, but I think I only saw one or two sails out on the water!

If you're a kiter and you've never been to Tarifa, it really is a "Must Do" as the bill boards say it is the KiteSurfing Mecca of Europe.

However be warned, July and August is crazily busy, and like I often say, dear old Costa Geriatrica (Worthing) is probably one of the best places to be in August!

After some superb kiting / windsurfing and body bashing sessions you might want to let your body recover. Sports & Body Massage Therapist Siggy Baylis, my daughter, is doing special kite and windsurf massages, at her treatment room in Ebenezer Chapel, Portland Road, Worthing. Check out her website: and call her on 07854 332667 for an appointment.





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