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Monday 08:30
Looks like High Pressure is set to dominate this week, so no decent wind to get you out on the water.

Meanwhile here in SW Madagascar  had a good afternoon on the 10.5 yesterday, travelling just over 37km.

The region we are in is home to the Vezo fishermen, a nomadic tribe who live day to day from their fishing using their pirogues, as they have for centuries, which are dugout boats with out-riggers that skim across the water in the slightest of breezes.

They paddle out early in the morning if there is no wind and then as the wind builds they raise the flimsiest of sails, and sail back.



Tomorrow we travel further up the coast from our kitesurfing location, in Ifaty,  to Salary Bay but not too sure about the kiting potential, though it's meant to be superb for diving. And I really can't make the trip all about kiting as Mrs might kick off,  as the following two weeks we're back up to Sakalava Bay along with a trip across to the Emerald Sea.

Tarifa was great and we'll definitely being doing a repeat trip next year, more about the Tarifa Trip here !

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