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Wednesday wintery showers?

Saw that yesterday many took advantge of the strong W'lys and opted for Bracks and the Witterings where it was very windy by all accounts.

Unfortunately I think my machine is seriously under reading by around 7mph, which I now will not be able to fix until Spring, and then might well be in a new location!

We're now back out in the mountains and we've got reasonable coverage of snow above 2,000m not too bad for the beginning of November and we've already clocked up three ski tours, though I'm not fully ski tour fit, especially breaking trail in 40cm of fresh!

More snow later in the week and should settle in the valley.

Though one has to be careful of the sharks that lurk below the surface this early in the season as you can see from the vid below.


And yes that is a dog in my backpack and not photo-shopped! Beanie was exhausted in the deep snow so had no other option but to put her in the pack!

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